Homer's Travels: I'm Beginning To Hate ... Falcons

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I'm Beginning To Hate ... Falcons

I've been putting off posting about Jordan until I find out the results of my latest attempt to recover my corrupt pictures.  Well, the pictures arrived in the mail today on four DVDs.  I would like to share a small sample of the recovered pictures:

The last picture I took in Jordan was of a Falcon at a rest stop.  Every picture that was "recovered" was of the falcon.  Several hundred pictures of the F-ing falcon.  When I click on the thumbnail, I get "invalid image".

I haven't given up all hope.  I think I'll visit a local camera store to see if they have any ideas. What bothers me is all the files on the card are of varying sizes consistent with a RAW format picture but all the recovered pictures have the same size.  Seems odd to me.

Anyway, I plan to start posting about Jordan tomorrow with the pictures I have.  I'm missing three quarters of the first day, half of Petra, and all of Wadi Rum.  All in all, I lost about two of the six days.

Sorry for the delay.


  1. oh geez, that is totally frustrating!!

    I hope that it gets better!!!

  2. Yeah, that doesn't sound right at all...

  3. Miss McC: Ain't it though. I'm sure it will.

    GH: Very odd. So odd that I still have hope.