Homer's Travels: Post...Poned

Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, I'm supposed to post another Jordan trip segment tomorrow and I can already post with certainty that it will not happen.  I'm in a minor funk with ... well, just about everything.  My mood is fine but, when it comes to Homer's Travels posts or photography, I just feel Meh.

I'm especially  disappointed in the photography department.  While I've taken some good pictures, I just don't feel that I've taken any that really make me go "wow."  There have been times when it's been hard for me to pull out the camera because I anticipate taking another mediocre capture.

The same goes with writing posts.  I occasionally go back and read old posts and I can see a decrease in quality over the years.  At least, that's how it feels to me.  I read some old post and think "that's not half bad" then I look at some draft that I've been working on and it feels uninspired and forced.



  1. gotta be the heat! Heat index of 105 to 110 today. Stay cool...the mood will pass. Eat some chocolate ice cream.

  2. Your MiL agrees with your Mom, Homer's Travels is the first thing I check every morning.

  3. You know, I've been meaning to speak to you about the quality of work around here... ;)

    Take a break from it all, man. Try this (when the weather is better) go on a hike without the gear. No camera. No GPS. No geocaches to find. Maybe a book, to read under a tree. Just enjoy being out there. Maybe without the pressure to perform, the mental synapses will start firing again.

  4. I have done my part by asking him to help me do a deep cleaning of the house (as my mother (MiL)taught me to do). I thought it might distract him. I don't think it worked. He just thinks I'm a freak about cleanliness. Maybe I am. Thanks Mom.

  5. I'm thinking you need to go to a wedding and eat cake, dance and have a kick*** time. I think I can get you in at a wedding on the 14th. :)

  6. I like geekhiker's suggestion.

    You're a great writer-and I totally understand the blah feeling when you review your stuff. I feel like for every 10 posts, maybe 1 is something I am really happy about. Just keep writing-you're doing a great job, and eventually you'll feel it too. :)

  7. Mom: You could be right. I really haven't gone out much because of the humidity.

    MIL: Thanks. I know I haven't posted much lately. Taking a break.

    GH: Har Har. The prospect of leaving the house without a gadget is scary. I always find the cool things to photograph when I don't have my camera with me - drives me nuts. Unfortunately if I sat under a tree on some trail, I would sweat my guts out and the book would likely turn to mush.

    Wife: After cleaning the house for two days straight, I think I've convinced you that you are crazy ;)

    MoH: You are so right. A wedding sounds so much better than cleaning. And I get CAKE!!! Woo Hoo!

    Miss McC: Thank you. I keep telling myself that I'll get better and everyone seems to like what i write so I just have to keep at it ... after a short break.