Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 20, On The Way To Guatemala

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Travels, Day 20, On The Way To Guatemala

Mom's travelogue continues:
Date: July 8, 1972 Sat.
Place: Guatemala City
"Mr R. from the rental agency showed us around today. Saw some beautiful homes - 2 we are considering. Mr R. speaks very little English so communication is not very easy.
[Brother] got his cycle back from Kawasaki Shop. Works great.
[Dad] + I ate out at Maria's - both had steak. My fillet was $3.00. [Dad's] T Bone was $3.25 about. Very good."
The meal the parents had illustrates another reason we moved to Guatemala. It might not have been an explicit reason, farming being the explicit reason, but a lower cost of living made the move easier and changed how we lived.

When we lived on the resort, life was hard for my parents. Income from the resort was very seasonal and second jobs were needed to make ends meet when all the guests had gone home. I think this was especially hard on my Mom who seemed to be always working. My Dad drove the school bus for extra income. Not sure I liked this as I was always the first on and the last off the bus.

In Guatemala Mom didn't have to work. We had a full time housekeeper/maid/cook to help take care of the house and another on the farm. I'm sure this spoiled me as I never really had to clean or make my bed while growing up. Labor was so cheap that it was nearly impossible to earn money doing summer jobs. Everyone had maids and hired gardeners. If you needed things done you only had to pay a buck or two to get it done. This might explain my somewhat poor work ethic.

Our life in Guatemala was easier in some ways and harder in others. I had it rather easy. I assume my brother had it easy too but, being a teenager, he probably had his issues. I won't speak for my Mom. I'm sure it was easier for her in some ways and harder in others. It seems to me that it was most stressful for my Dad.

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