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Friday, October 02, 2009

Music: Gordan Lightfoot At The Holland Center

Last night we went to see Gordan Lightfoot at Omaha's Holland Performing Arts Center. I have to say choosing to attend this concert was a risk. While I was familiar with a few of his songs, my knowledge was limited. The Wife was in the same boat. I chose to take the risk because I wanted to check out the venue and Gordan Lightfoot seemed to be a good act to see there.

At 70 years old, Gordan Lightfoot is still pretty good. Usually when I go to a concert of an act I am not too familiar with, I am saved by either new songs that I discover I like or I find there are songs that I like that I didn't realize were performed by the artist. This is especially true with older acts. Unfortunately this wasn't the case this time. While there was a song I like that I didn't know he sang ("Carefree Highway") I ended up knowing a total of four songs (good songs mind you) but the rest ... well after the rather
raucous concerts we've been to lately, his folk music was a little like walking through muck. He would say 1...2...3 energetically and then go into a s.l.o.w folk ballad. He mentioned his adrenalin was pumping. Unfortunately I didn't see it on stage.

Lightfoot and his elderly, but good, band performed for almost two hours with a twenty minute intermission. I think this was the first concert that I've been to with an intermission. The Holland Center, location of what I would describe as higher brow entertainment - orchestras and theater - feels like a place where intermissions are mandatory. At intermission we joked about leaving. We ended up staying the entire time but I have to admit that I almost fell asleep leaning forward with my chin propped up on my arms resting on my knees. I had to sit back because I thought I might really fall asleep and fall forward. Being on the second balcony, falling forward was not an advisable thing to do.

I know this review sounds like I hated his music. Hate is too strong of a word. It wasn't his age either. I enjoyed the
Guess Who and Grand Funk who have some members as old or older than he is. It just wasn't my style. I think I have a more rock taste. Folk ... it has its time and place but last night was not that time nor that place.

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