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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brrraaaiiinnsss ...

Despite the unforecasted late afternoon drizzle, the Zombies were out in force in north Omaha. I drove up there to document this walking of the Zombies.

The zombies gathered outside the Pizza Shoppe in the Benson area of Omaha before going to the back alley to get instructions from the head zombie. Rules included stay on the sidewalk, act like a zombie, walk like a zombie, chase victims (marked with a duct tape 'X') when they are seen, and no English allowed except for the occasional moaning of "Brains". The Zombies, after receiving the rather informal briefing, moaned their assent and the zombies began shuffling along the route.

It was fun. People honked their horns when they saw the shuffling dead people and some people in parked cars were swarmed. There were enough zombies to fill at least two blocks worth of sidewalk. The zombies varied from your standard bloody dead guy to zombie nuns, zombie Jesus, zombie doctors, zombie nurses, zombie soldiers (someone in the crowd commented that they hit a little too close to bad taste with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and all), zombie brides, zombie kids, and zombie Waldo (Where's Waldo? He's been dead for a for years it appears). Some of the people took it very seriously and other were there for fun and put in minimal effort. No matter how much effort they put into it, everyone was having a good time.
Some pictures can be found here.

Next year the Wife and I may have to participate. I've never been one to dress up for Halloween but there is something intriguing about dressing up like mutilated dead people, moaning, and shuffling along a one mile loop. Who knew that bloody head wounds could make so many strangers smile and honk their horns..


  1. Wait, this isn't a normal day in Omaha? Sorry, couldn't resist that one. ;)

    If you go next year, I expect pictures! :D

  2. GH: Actually it is - Omaha is always this cool.

  3. Well-played comeback, sir, well-played. :)

  4. Put us down for next year, this looks like so much fun!

  5. That you MoH and BM? We'll see you next year and go shuffling and moaning.

  6. Yes, its the MOH & BM. It sounds like so much fun.