Homer's Travels: A Raccoon Coincidence ... Or Is It ?!?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Raccoon Coincidence ... Or Is It ?!?

Last weekend, while attending the ND-USC football game with her dad, the Wife hit a raccoon with her car. It did a number on her bumper.

Two days later I come come from walking Homer and I see a raccoon hunkered down under the front overhang of our house. Since it didn't look like it was going to move on its own, and we thought it might be injured or sick, we called animal control. The raccoon decided it didn't like the attention it was getting from Animal Control and scrambled away, making its escape.

Yesterday I was walking Homer and, three doors down, there was Mr. Raccoon. He was standing in the middle of the neighbor's front yard. Homer barked at it and it just stood there and stared.

Coincidence? Stalker Raccoon? USC Fan? Only time will tell.