Homer's Travels: It's Coming Early This Year

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Coming Early This Year

This morning we had our first snow of the season - a full 50 days earlier than last year. It was fairly substantial dropping over an inch of snow. The streets and sidewalks are still warm so they remained clear.

The weather this year seems to be off. Not sure if it's climate change, el niƱo, or just normal variation but I do know that's it's been wetter and cooler than last year. Forecasts I've seen are all over the place - colder and wetter, colder and drier, and even milder than normal. Meteorologists aren't much better than economists - both dismal science. Based on my observations I'm betting on colder and wetter. Maybe this year I'll have an opportunity to break in my
Christmas snowshoes. Not today though as it's already starting to melt away.


  1. "Both dismal sciences", I totally agree with that even though I was studying the latter.

  2. Godefroy: Maybe you'll be the one who finally figures it all out. Good luck with the studies.

  3. Seems off here, too. Been cool most of the summer, was in the 60's on my hike last weekend, and our first rain is supposed to come tonight. I'm a little concerned about how cold my un-insulated house will get over the winter!

  4. GH: Our heat is already on, our gas fireplace has been used, and the electric blanket is on the bed.