Homer's Travels: Bee Is For Bicycle

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bee Is For Bicycle

What are the odds. I was enjoying a great bike ride along the Keystone, West Papio, Halleck Park, and Walnut Creek trails. I was heading back home and *SMACK* something hits me in the forehead. I reach up and brush at the spot and came back with a bee on my hand (I was wearing bike gloves). I waved my hand around and felt around the left side of my forehead. The area stung a bit. I must of looked a little crazy as a lady walking her kids and dogs nearby looked at me a little funny.

When I got home there was a nice red blotch on my forehead. I thought the bee might have stung me but, while the stinging feeling is still there, the red blotch had faded away and there is no swelling. I guess with my speed (10 MPH) combined with the speed of the bee resulted in a hard smack to my head. I doubt now that the bee had enough of its senses to sting me. I was lucky.

Besides the bee incident, I had a pretty good bike ride. My goal was the Walnut Creek area. The creek is dammed up, part of the area flood control system, making a small lake. The Walnut Creek trail is a three mile loop around the lake and through the tall grass meadows in the area. I'm going to have to drive back and walk around this scenic trail. It begged for my camera which was sitting on the kitchen table. There are also six geocaches in the area that need to be discovered.

I did manage to find three geocaches along the 26.55 mile round trip ride. I found "
Jupiter's Acorn", a standard ammo can cache; "Pole Vault", a tube shaped container hidden under a pole cap on a bridge; and "Welcome To LaVista", a micro, log only cache. I'm not sure I like to geocache on a bike. I worry about dropping the GPS and, if the cache is off the trail, I worry about someone coming along and swiping my bike.


  1. Darn bee. Don'tcha just hate when nature gets in the way of enjoying, you know, nature?

    How about one of those quick-release GPS handlebar mounts?

  2. GH: The bee was on the bike path, not in nature. I had the right a way.

    I asked for a bike mount for Christmas awhile back. Unfortunately I wrote down the wrong P/N and got a car mount instead. So, I tore it apart and mounted the quick-release part to the water bottle holder on my bike with a couple of zip ties. It works pretty good except you can't read the display when it is in this position.

    I am also too cheap to buy the correct bike mount.