Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 14, On The Way To Guatemala

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Travels, Day 14, On The Way To Guatemala

Mom Continues:
Date: July 2, 1972
Place: Road-side in Mexico
"Not much to tell today - We drove all day till 7:00 we then ate supper and drove more. We parked beside the road and didn't spend a very pleasant night - trucks roared past all night as well as a few mosquitos."
I can't add a map as I don't know exactly where we were. Somewhere in Mexico four or five hours from the Mexico-Guatemala border. We were on the home stretch. A few more days and we would be in Guatemala City.

I find it interesting that we would have no issues with stopping along the road in Mexico. I never realized my parents were that adventuresome. If it were me, would I do what they did? I'm not the boldest person in the world. I often take the safe way. Was Mexico safer in 1972 than it is today? Is it really that risky? All I know is our 21st century world doesn't feel as safe as it was back in 1972.


  1. Risk is relative, but I don't think the drug wars then are quite at the level they are now...