Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 11, On The Way To Guatemala

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Travels, Day 11, On The Way To Guatemala

Mom continues her log:
Date: 6-29-72
Place: Guadalajara, Mexico
"We drove most of the day. Uneventful. The road was bad since they were repairing all the bridges along the way. We didn't make good time at all. We intended driving farther tonight but we got lost on a detour through town + finally wound up here - Del Sol Trailer Park - new."

A larger map can be seen here.

Guadalajara. I've been to Guadalajara?!? I guess I've been in more of Mexico than I thought.

This appears to be an uneventful day with uneventful memories. Not all of our days can be memorable.

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