Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 12, On The Way To Guatemala

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Travels, Day 12, On The Way To Guatemala

Mom continues:
Date: 6-30-72
Place: Mexico City, Mexico - Guadalupe Del Lago Trailer Park
"Would you believe we got stuck in a hailstorm on a mountain top in Mexico. It was hailing + raining so bad [Dad] stopped on a mountain curve (we were at 9,000 ft). When the hail stopped we started going and the tires just spun. We sat there for awhile and the hail melted + we were on our way.
We drove through beautiful mountain country most of the day.
Tonight we parked beside a Kansas man who says he stayed at Rock Village resort for years. As I said - small world! Lions Club convention is being held here now."

Click here for a larger map.

This sounds like an eventful day. Too bad I don't remember it. Did I sleep through it all? Was I not impressed by hail and rain up in the Mexican mountains? I have no idea. Strange I can remember a tiny little thermometer but I can't remember the awesome forces of nature.

Rock Village is a resort not far from the one my parents used to own. When we left Missouri, I left my two turtles and their little bowl with the awesome fake palm tree (I think their names were Jack and Charles) with the Rock Village owner's kids. I also got some cool quartz crystals from those guys but I can't remember what I traded them for. Maybe stickers. When I was a kid stickers were like gold. I still have some packed away somewhere.

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