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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travels, Day 9, On The Way To Guatemala

This series is becoming a test of what I can and can not remember. It's also becoming a study of what is and is not important to an eight year old boy. Nine days after leaving our families in Iowa we crossed the border - the first time I'd ever left the country. I remember little of the day. To me it could have been any other place along any other American road. I don't even remember the brownies which is very unlike me now.

Mom continues:
Date: 6-27-72
Place: Hermosillo, Mexico
We stayed in Tucson till about 3:00. [Dad] took the boys up town shopping, picked up the mail Gertrude had sent + got their small pox shot while I cleaned the trailer, washed clothes, baked some brownies + straightened up. While waiting for the guys I went swimming and lay in the Sun. An hour + a half in this Tucson sun really gave my face a burn. Sore all day.
We crossed the border quickly. Stopped for tourist visas - then 3 miles on for car permit. We had to stop 3 times on road for car check between border crossing at Nogales and Hermosillo. We drove till 8:00 - very hot out. Everyone wished for a fan. We are at a very nice new trailer park (Mazocoba). Cost half of what we have been paying in the U.S. $2 here - $4 to 5.00 U.S.

First miserable night - so hot."

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Isn't inflation wonderful? $5.00 a night to camp? Those were the days.

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