Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 4

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Travels, Day 4

The migration to Guatemala continues. Back in 1995 during my big roadtrip I took about the same route from Estes Park on my way to Durango. It was raining most of that day too.

My Mom writes:
Date: 6-22-72
Place: Delta, Colorado
"We drove to the Royal Gorge this morning. It is a big ditch! We drove across + then we walked halfway over and back.
Rest of the day we drove - went through Monarch pass and over the Continental Divide. It rained on us coming down the mountains.
This evening it is drizzling rain - we are parked beside the river at a camp called Scotty's. We had fish for supper from Lake of the Ozarks. Effie's Son gave them to us before we left. We played miniature golf after supper - [Brother] was winner so played a free game. I washed some clothes."
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I have to say that my Mom has a way with words. I remember her describing the Royal Gorge as a big ditch and frankly I would have to agree. While it might be a better description of the place, I doubt they will be changing its name to Royal Ditch any time soon. Pity. I remember looking over the edge of the bridge with weak knees and this was before my minor fear of heights began to take form.

This day was also my first of many crossings of the continental divide. I vaguely remember being excited about it. I have since crossed it many times both in the air and on the road.

One thing I do remember clearly was the miniature golf. This was the first, and I believe the last, time I have played miniature golf. Every time an opportunity to play arose this game at Scotty's came to mind. None of these opportunities have ever materialized though.

Effie, for those who may be wondering, was a elderly lady who lived in a small house up the road from our resort. She would walk to our place to chat. Talk your arm off is probably more like it. Her timing wasn't always the best and I remember one time Mom asking me to hide and be quiet so that Effie would think we weren't home. This only happened once and I remember my Mom feeling guilty. At the time I thought it was all a big game.


  1. To The Wife: I think it's time for you to take HD mini-golfing. And I expect pictures! ;D

  2. GH: Sorry, the Wife doesn't like mini-golf so I doubt it will ever happen.