Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 8, On The Way To Guatemala

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travels, Day 8, On The Way To Guatemala

Mom continues her travelogue:
Date: 6-26-72
Place: Tucson, Arizona
"We drove most of the day - saw lots of cactus - took pictures of [Homer-Dog] and me by our favorite cactus. We visited Casa Grande Indian ruins - Really not too good but not bad either. We drove to the trailer park, ate supper + went swimming in the pool. All enjoyed swimming, diving + playing tag. After dark we drove up to 'A' mountain and viewed the city lights. Tucson is a beautiful city - modern - relaxing. Was 98° today but dryness makes it feel not too bad."
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We remember the strangest things sometimes. I remember getting my picture taken in front of a large saguaro cactus. It's still one of my favorite cacti.

Like Mom, Casa Grande must not have impressed me much. When I visited it in 1998 with the Wife I didn't remember being there before. It didn't impress me that time either as I didn't even mention it in my write up of that vacation.

Tucson didn't rank in my memories. This is sad as I've always liked the glow of city lights.


  1. Ah, but do you still have the picture?

  2. GH: I think I do actually but I'm not sure I will ever post it.