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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Travels, Day 3

The way we took to Guatemala was not a direct shot. The path meanders south and west, stopping at points of interest along the way. Day three was one of those vacation days along the way.
Date: 6-21-72
Place: Colorado Springs near Manitou, Colorado
"We visited the Air Force Academy - were unable to go in any buildings - Chapel is a hugh modern structure. We parked trailer at Golden Valley Ranch then up Pike's Peak. All agreed it was great - there was snow on the mountains + it snowed while we were at the peak. High Altitude made us all dizzy. Quite a view.
We visited North Pole + most fun was feeding the goats and petting the deer. Santa was there.
We visited Cliff Dwellers Museum - It was pretty good except parts of it looked sort of fake.
We looked up Chip + Nancy [McD] but they were not home. They used to live in Camdenton.
We came back to campground where [brother] rode his cycle + the rest of us relaxed."
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I remember this day. I don't remember it all happening on the same day but that is the smearing of memories we are all familiar with ... or is it just me? One of the biggest memory holes I'm encountering while reading this journal is my brother's motorcycle. We had a motorcycle with us? Really? I have no recollection of having a motorcycle with us. (I probably rode the motorcycle to the James Taylor concert that I can't remember)

I remember Pikes Peak. I remember looking out the window of the Carryall over the edge of the road (no guard rail if I remember right) into the abyss. I thought it was cool in a sphincter puckering way.

I remember the North Pole - how many North Poles does Santa have anyway? I remember trying to ride the bumper cars alone for the first time and failing miserably. I couldn't get my car to do anything. When people realized I wasn't moving I became the target of their pent up frustrations and violent rage. I wasn't very happy. I vaguely remember a tantrum of some sort. I think I pissed off my Dad too, if I remember right, as my my behavior was surely a tad embarrassing. Feeding the goats was much less traumatic.

I remember the Air Force Academy and the Cliff Dweller's Museum with less clarity. I do remember the Chapel and I vaguely remember the Cliff Dwellings but there are few details.

I don't remember the Camdenton People (I went to three years of grade school in Camdenton, MO) at all but that would be an adult thing and of no concern to an eight year old.

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