Homer's Travels: Travels, Day 7

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Travels, Day 7

Mom continues:
Date: 6-25-72
Place: beside the road near Grand Canyon, Arizona
"Today we drove to Hoover Dam. Really a hugh thing - 17 turbines. Then we drove to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) where we viewed the big hole with the Sun setting + making shadows on the walls. As we walked out of the visitors center we met Jack + Betty S. from Wichita, Kansas. They were on vacation too - Small world! They were resort customers of ours.
Camp grounds were all full so we had to stop along the road. Other campers are here too."
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I don't remember much about Hoover dam. I've been there twice since then. It impresses me more as an adult than as a child. Brings out the engineer in me I guess.

I remember visiting the "big hole." I don't remember much of the scenery. What I do remember is the dinosaur book I got at the Grand Canyon gift shop. Like all eight year old boys, I liked dinosaurs. I could name them all. I had little colored plastic dinosaurs. The colors really didn't make since but I didn't care. Over the years the names have faded but dinosaurs are still cool.

My parents seemed to have had the Wife's superpower of meeting people in odd places. I didn't inherit it.


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