Sunday, July 12, 2009

One More Thing Checked Off The List

We've been to the roller derby three times. The first time everything was new (Roller Derby: ). The second time we had friends with us and we saw one of the candidates for Mayor of Omaha. Since I really never have seen a political candidate, even a losing one, live in person, it was another first for me (Mayoral Candidate: ). Our third roller derby outing also had a first.

First of all, the Omaha Roller Girls (O.R.G.) were winning, something we'd never experienced. They really whipped the No Coast Derby Girls from Lincoln. (100-something to 61). But that win was not my only first that night. Near the end of the bout, before the start of a jam, the head ref, Ellen DeGenerate, approached the O.R.G.'s jammer, Ima Firestarter (#5'3"), got down on one knee, and proposed there on the spot. I couldn't see from vantage point but I think a ring was exchanged. My first Public Lesbian Marriage Proposal. I'm guessing there will be a trip to Iowa in their future.

So, what's next on the list?

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