Homer's Travels: High School Counselors - Seers Of The Future?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

High School Counselors - Seers Of The Future?

Yesterday afternoon I went through some old dusty boxes of memories. At times I can be a sentimental pack rat. Every few years I pull stuff out and get all misty eyed and reminisce about what was and often what could have been.

In one box of random old things I found a copy of my Informe de OrientaciĆ³n Vocacional (Vocational Guidance Report) from my high school counselor. I usually poo-poo most aptitude tests and other put-you-in-a-box tests but I have to say, with twenty-eight years of hindsight, that the counselor and her tests were spot on. A few excerpts:
Qualitative Results: "Generally high aptitude in all areas although mechanical is only average {That explains why the water hit the bathroom ceiling when I tried to fix the faucet}. Good reasoning ability using language, numbers, and other abstract concepts." {Then why can't I win an argument with the Wife?}
Interests: "Expressed greatest interest in physical sciences. Below average in all other fields." {Yep, that's about right.}
Values: "(Above average) Greatest emphasis placed on the theoretical (Knowledge for its own sake), followed by economical (practicality & usefulness). Average on political (management & executive). Below average in esthetic, social, religious." {Yep. The real world comes second and I hate the management while I sit in my ugly apartment playing video games using God's name in vain. Well, not anymore now that I met the Wife.}
Personality Traits: "Indications of good family relations but some problems in social adjustment (may be too much of a loner) {Sounds like a serial killer, don't it?}, some indications of emotionality (too subjective a response to situations, feelings of anger or unhappiness too easily stimulated) {WHAT!!! Are you crazy!?! That really bums me out.}, may be too much of a social conformer. Probably subject to periods of depression {especially around birthdays}. Indications of leadership ability {Sure, the one thing she got wrong}.
Professional Advice: "Aptitudes, interests, and values indicate scientific career, probably more in research where there is more variety in the projects and problems under study. Also [Homer-Dog] would probably work better on a research team where his working with people who share his interests & abilities but would also be working alone at some time. Computer engineering would be a good choice." {Well that explains why I didn't like my old job. I was in the wrong line of work. I worked on a total of three projects in my 21 years of work and there was very little science or research involved. I wish I'd read this report a little more carefully before interviewing.
As I read this report I'm still amazed how close she got it. She had one good crystal ball.


  1. In a weird way, I'm sorta glad that I don't have that report stuck in a box somewhere. Reading it might just depress the hell outta me! LOL

  2. Mom: Ain't it though.

    GH: Everyone needs to re-evaluate him/her self every once in a while. Reading my report kind of makes me smile for some reason.

  3. Seems like I should re-evaluate myself. We never had that kind of test in school. It was more the "see-for-yourself" way of thinking.

  4. Godefroy: I'm not sure if all schools in the US give aptitude tests or not. The School I went to in Guatemala did.

    It's always good to re-evaluate yourself every now and then. Things change.