Homer's Travels: The "J" Cometh: Day 5 And 6

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The "J" Cometh: Day 5 And 6

The "J"'s trip has been full of history. Omaha reaks of history. The last full day here was no different.

Day 5 (Saturday) we went on a north Omaha tour. The bus tour took us through north Omaha and Florence. The tour started with the location of the 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. The exposition sounds incredible with gleaming white building surrounding a lagoon with gondolas. It was very elaborate and profitable for the area during an economic downturn. Now only the slightest hint remains amongst the rundown homes of one of the poorest areas of the city. The tour ended on the Street of Dreams and a brief history of the vibrant Jazz scene along 24th street.

After the tour we perused the farmers market, walked through the Durham museum, and had lunch at the Upstream. We drove past the mural, to the pedestrian bridge. We watched a bride in full regalia getting her picture taken on the bridge amongst all the Ragbrai riders (Ragbrai started today). We watched a group of party boats tied together, music blaring, filled with drunk, booby baring, party animals, floating down the Missouri under the bridge. It was a perfect July day. "J" brought to good weather with her.

We drove past the Wife's schools before heading home. Later the "J" went to have dinner with Omaha friends while the Wife and I had a quiet evening.

Day 6, today, we went to mass at the cathedral. The Archbishop is retiring this week and his replacement will be Archbishop George Lucas (may the force be with you). We ended "J"'s stay with lunch at Louis M's Burger Lust. The "J" insisted on paying us back for all our hospitality by paying for our lunch ... and getting us four tickets to the Green Day concert at the Qwest Center ... and getting us four tickets for the after party. She is so totally awesomely cool. I'm sure my face was one of disbelief. Thank you "J"!!!

You've been gone for three hours and we already miss you. So does Homer.

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