Homer's Travels: Another Year Bites ... The Dust

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Year Bites ... The Dust

I think it's been decades since I've been happy on my birthday. I usually grin and bear it as best I can, put on a happy face for friends and family, or do my best to just pretend it's just another day, but today just sucked in my head. The sad thing is all the gloom and doom that I'm feeling is all self-inflicted. I can't blame anyone but myself. When I worked, I was often on travel on my birthday and the work kept me distracted. The few times I had one at work I usually just sat in my cube and moped all day. I get in these 'get out of my way, leave me alone' moods that doesn't do me any good.

The one bright spot are the cards, e-mails, Facebook posts, and comments wishing me well. Thank you everyone for that.

And a big thank you to the Wife. I know I'm not easy to be around when I get in this mood which is why I've been avoiding you most of the day.


  1. Happy birthday (a little late...)! I wish you many more years of traveling and spending time with the Wife! :)

  2. So the real question is: why does it bring you down? I mean, I understand not wanting to make a big deal out of things, sure. But having it darken the entire day, and even making you want to avoid spending time with The Wife? That's just not right!

  3. ABW: It's never too late. Thank you.

    GH: Not really sure. Started when I was in college and has gotten worse with the years. Avoiding the Wife was a kind gesture to the Wife. When I get in that mood I'm not pleasant to be with.