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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

And The Geopicty Goes To ...

To all those who took the time to vote for my pictures in the Nebraska Geopicting contest, I would like to say Thank You for making me the second quarter contest WINNER!

I haven't been officially notified yet. The Wife went to vote and noticed that all my pictures had been removed from the voting page. When I investigated I found the contest winner link.

I think that this may be the first contest, not involving random drawings, I've ever one. The prize is $250 paid as either a gift card to a local camera store, a gift card to Cabellas (an outdoors store similar to REI), 250 lottery scratchers, or a digital picture frame. The four quarterly winners are then eligible for a drawing for a laptop (valued at $1,000) - a 1 in 4 chance ain't bad.

So Cool!!!


  1. I married you for your talent! Congrats, Honey!

  2. Congratulations! *High-Five*

  3. Awesome - that's the one that I voted for. Congratulations!

  4. Wife: Gee, I i thought it was my rugged good looks.

    GH: Thank you for voting.

    MH: Thanks. It is a cool picture.

    BM: Thank you too!