Homer's Travels: A Wonderful Sunday With Family, Food, and History

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Wonderful Sunday With Family, Food, and History

Sunday was one of the best days I've had in awhile.  It's taken me a few days to get a handle on it (or I'm just really slow about my posting).

We started with sleeping in.  Always a good thing.  We (we being the Best Man (BM), Matron of Honor (MoH), the Wife, and I) took in a late Mass.

After Mass we took our guests to Louis M's Burger Lust so we could finally try the burgers.  Wow.  I am speechless. Best. Burgers. Ever.  The BM had a plain burger, the MoH and the Wife had a guacamole-bacon burger, and I had a triple cheese burger (cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan).  We were all amazed at how delicious they were.  I had the fries which, to my surprised, rivaled In-N-Out's.  The Wife had onion rings and pronounced them very good.  The BM had a chocolate shake topped with homemade whipped cream (not can or tub stuff).  While the BM doesn't like whipped cream, the MoH and the Wife fixed that real quick and cleaned it all off.  The Wife and I shared a piece of chocolate cake (my third piece for the week).  It wasn't as good as the Piccolo Pete's chocolate cake but it was good enough.

After that awesome meal we headed to the Durham Museum.  The current temporary exhibit is called Chocolate - perfect!  The museum itself is in an art deco building that was the Union Train Station in it's past life.  The building is gorgeous.  The main entry is fully restored and there are statues depicting past train passengers.  As you approach the statues, motion detectors turn on recordings and the statues explain their situation and why they are at the station.  Very well done.  In the lower levels you can walk through old train cars -  they even smell old.

We walked through the permanent exhibits depicting local Omaha history.  Omaha has a colorful history as it was often the last civilization encountered before the pioneers headed across the plains.  It is also the place you fell back to when you failed at the whole pioneer thing.  Some pictures of the museum can be found here.

The temporary exhibit, called Chocolate, covered the long and interesting history my favorite emotional pick-me-up.  Every weekend a different local chocolatier is there giving out free samples.  This weekend it was a spoon full of some very smooth, very chocolate mousse.  I could have eaten several more spoon bowl fulls.

At this point we were all full and ready to settle down so we headed back home and started our tradition of the multi-hour discussion/argument.  This is frankly one of my favorite parts of the BM/MoH visits.  One of the main topics that night was the evils and benefits of the labor unions.  It got a little heated at times with the BM suggesting the unions could do us a great service if they rounded up a dozen or so CEOs and shoot them.  Frankly I couldn't argue against that in this economic environment.

The discussions rambled around a bit, the BM and MoH downed a surprising number of bags of chips, I downed quite a few chocolate chip cookies (Thanks guys for bringing those - they're yummy),  and the evening ended at a relatively early 1:30 AM before we all headed for bed.

The Wife and I were sorry to see our guests leave on Monday.  It's our turn now.  I can't wait to drive up to Minneapolis to pick out a list of CEOs.


  1. Oh, man, I just had to read about those burgers on my lunch hour... *drool*

    Sounds like a fun visit!

  2. GH: They were GOOOOOOOD. It was a very successful visit.

  3. THANKS for the great weekend. We always have a great time with you and the wife.

  4. MoH: Right back at ya. I like you guys. I really, really like you guys!