Homer's Travels: They Were A Blur!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

They Were A Blur!

Last night we went to the Roller Derby with some friends.  The Wife and I are relieved that our friends had as much fun as we did - we were wondering if we were weird, white trashy, or both.  It's nice to know that we aren't alone.  The Wife won a coozy and our friend won a free t-shirt.  I think it helped that we were in the front row and the women were acting all crazy (we men were rather quiet compared to the women).

As always it was fun and all but, once again, I failed to get any good pictures.  I think the combination of fast moving roller babes and subdued roller rink mood lighting are conspiring against me.  My camera just can't handle the conditions.  (No, it's not a photographer problem, no sir-ee bob!)  This is what my typical pictures looked like:

They're all a big blur and turn out a little grainy.  Actually, this is one of the better pictures.  I tried to use the sports mode of my camera but it couldn't handle the poor lighting.  Maybe I should look at my camera book to see if I'm missing anything.  (I didn't use the flash because of the distance and I'm sure they would frown upon me blinding the derby girls.)

By the way, I think the picture is of Ima Firestarter, one of the Omaha Roller Girls (ORG) best jammers.  She has some mad roller derby skills.  The Sioux Falls Roller Dollz best was probably Queen Elizabitch.  Heh, love those game names.

The ORG lost again.  I'm starting to wonder if my curse has shifted from College Football to Roller Derby.


  1. What's a coozy?

    I kind of like the grainy blurry going on.

  2. JaG: From the UrbanDictionary.com:
    "Insulated sleeve usually comprised of foam rubber used to both enhance the grip of your beer bottle or can as well as keep the beer cold and your hand warm."

    Also spelled Coozie. This particular Coozy is camouflage with the Omaha Roller Girls logo.

    Thanks. I do like this picture. It is definite the best of the ones I took.

  3. I'm so glad JaG answered the question I was going to ask.

    Low light and the need for a fast shutter speed is generally a no-win situation. You can try putting the camera in shutter speed mode at, say, 1/125. The result would be a dark shot you might be able to punch up in PS later.

    But all that might just be too much darn work. ;)

  4. GH: I'm way ahead of you this time. I sped up the shutter speed and then added light in the editor - no dice. The picture above is the result very grainy and still blury.