Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photograph And Contest Submission: Pulling Into Petersburg

For my March submission to the Boston.com photo contest whose theme this month was nighttime, I selected a picture I took on our 2002 ferry trip up the Alaskan Maritime Highway.  This picture was taken as we pulled into port in Petersburg, Alaska on the fourth of July.

"Pulling Into Petersburg"
by Bruce H.


  1. Good luck! I submitted that skyscraper shot you thought I should've submitted last time.

  2. MH: Thanks and I still think your picture is better than mine. It's a great picture.

  3. Nice! Did you snag that without a tripod?

  4. GH: Thanks! Is it that obvious? I didn't own a tripod back then (2002) and I took it on a moving ferry in a chilly wind. It came out despite all that.