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Monday, March 02, 2009

Food: Piccolo Pete's

On Saturday, accompanied by the Best Man, Matron of Honor (MoH), TE and his wife, JA, we checked out Piccolo Pete's, a seventy-six year old Italian steak house with a whole lot of history.

Piccolo Pete's, named after a piccolo player named Pete and the founder of the establishment, Tony Piccolo, is one of Warren Buffet's favorite places and the entrance has a picture of Warren with his pal Bill Gates.  The place is a pretty big place and, at 6:00 PM in the evening, it was pretty crowded.  We had a reservation and were seated immediately.

The main dining room is dominated by a sunken area over which a large mirrored ball slowly spins.  While it reminded me of something out of Saturday Night Fever, the ball actually predates the disco era by almost three decades as the place had a dance floor from the end of World War II to the 1960s.

The Wife and the MoH started with a very mid-western appetizer - Gizzards.  This was followed by lots of beef (I was the odd man out with Chicken Parmesan).  The reviews all around were a big thumbs up.  The meal was finished off with Chocolate cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, and a couple of orders of Turtle Cheesecake - all as good as the main courses.

The wife and I don't got out to eat in the evening very often.  When we do go out we are usually out of the restaurant before 6:00 PM and usually beat the evening rush.  I expected the crowd would peak at the place around 8:30 PM but to my surprise by 8:30 PM the place had pretty much emptied out.  Heck, back in California you would be just arriving at 8:30 PM.  I guess the Omaha dinner crowd are early birds.

The food was good and the prices were reasonable.  It is a little noisy but that's because it is a popular place and was fully packed.  Highly recommended ... provided you have a reservation.

Piccolo Pete's

2202 S. 20th St, Omaha, Nebraska

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