Homer's Travels: A Little Pleasure With My Business In Rhode Island

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Little Pleasure With My Business In Rhode Island

Last week I traveled to Rhode Island for a three day meeting in Portsmouth, RI. I will not be talking about the meeting but, fortunately for my sanity, I had time after the meetings to visit Newport and to do some geocaching.

This was the first business trip where I've had my camera and my GPS with me. I also had a Travel Bug and a Geocoin to drop in any caches I found. A quick search before I left found two promising caches within a few miles of my hotel. On the second day of my trip I had a chance to search for the caches. The first, "Albro Woods", was located in a large stand of oaks appropriately named Albro Woods after the family who donated the land. The cache was along a path that wound through the woods. Very nice park. I liked how the late day sun filtered through the trees. I left the "Monument Peak (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug in this one. The second cache, located near some soccer fields, was "QDC #1". In this cache I left the Chaosmanor's 12 Days of Caching - Green #2 geocoin. My trip added over 2,600 miles to both travelers.

My last day of meetings were short so I had more time to explore the island. I went with a couple co-workers down to Newport to see the sights. We drove along Bellevue Avenue which is lined with "Summer Cottages." Some of these cottages were humongous. Big even. We drove along the Rhode Island Sound and Narragansett Bay stopping at Fort Adams. We took some pictures and watched the sailboats. The Rhododendrons were very popular in this area and they were in full bloom.

After the Fort, we drove to downtown Newport and walked around a bit. The downtown is mostly stores, restaurants, and pubs. We stopped to have a gelato - Yummy. Newport is a nice place but expensive. Most of the stores closed early as it really wasn't the tourist season yet. We walked past houses dating back to the 1700 and 1800s and old churches. I'd like to come back someday with the wife. She would like the cottages. Some pictures can be found here.

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