Homer's Travels: Doe, Ray, Me, Far, Sew, La, Tea, Doe ... And More

Friday, June 29, 2007

Doe, Ray, Me, Far, Sew, La, Tea, Doe ... And More

The next week, starting tomorrow, has a few things hapnin':

On Saturday we spend an evening at the Hollywood Bowl. This is my first visit to the Bowl which is a sad thing to say since I've lived here almost 20 years. To make the evening even more spectacular, we are going to the Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long! When it was first held in 2001, the Los Angeles Business Journal said "it will either be the corniest event of the summer, or the most rapturous." The wife is thinking about dressing in her Nun get-up for the pre-show parade. Hey! Everyone loves a parade! Need I say more?

On Sunday I will be doing a hike to Horn Canyon. Horn Canyon is in Ojai and I will be sure to give Villanova Preparatory School the finger as I drive to the trailhead.

Next Wednesday we are flying to Minneapolis to attend the Altar Boy's nuptials. If I have time, I am planning to do some geocaches in the Stillwater and Rochester areas while I'm there. The "J" will be keeping Homer company while we are away.

I return Sunday while the wife's adventure continues with the Godson in New York, Spartansburg, and Hartford.

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