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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TV: "America's" Got Talent

For people who think Hollywood has lost touch with reality, here is some proof. A friend of the wifes owns and teaches at a Celtic Dance Studio. Her class auditioned for America's Got Talent, a cheesy reality talent show. They made it on the show. The audition was in Los Angeles. This is where it gets strange. Last night's episode was supposed to be in Los Angeles. We watched for her students but they did not appear. After the show we received an e-mail from the friend saying that when they were on stage, they noticed signs saying Chicago and that during group filming they were asked to yell "Chicago!" Turns out, next week's show will be from Chicago. What a fraud. I guess they don't have the budget to actually travel around the country so they're faking it. Just goes to show you can't believe what you see on the Boob Tube.

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