Homer's Travels: A Friendly Visit

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Friendly Visit

Last week two of our friends from Omaha visited. They flew in on Tuesday night and left on Friday morning - too short of a visit. The wife took them out to Anacapa Island on Wednesday which they enjoyed very much. The "J" tagged along in my place as I was at work. One of the friends is a science teacher and enjoyed seeing all the new born Seagull chicks along with the carcasses of dead ones. The dry weather reduce the number of blooming coreopsis that the island is famous for. They all returned sun and wind burned. (The wife's face is still flaking off)

On Thursday we had lunch at the Cold Spring Tavern - they declared it very cool - and we did the downtown Ventura walk, visiting the pier, Grant Park, and Ben & Jerry's. Some homeless guy - very well dressed actually - tried to convince us that a CSI-like show was auditioning nearby. When we indicated that we were leaving he hit us up for money. We politely declined.

They seemed to have a good time. Homer had a great time playing with their gift - Phil the Pheasant. Homer missed them after they left. He ran up to the guest room and seemed a little disappointed that they were not there. We can't wait until they visit again after Christmas.

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