Homer's Travels: In The Eye Of The [Appalachian Trail] Storm

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

In The Eye Of The [Appalachian Trail] Storm

The past week or so has been crazy ... mostly in my head.  Before all my long hikes I've done - Camino I, Camino II, Appalachian Trail (AT) I, AT II - my anxiety levels have gone through the roof and AT III has not been any different.  Being sick for the past week hasn't helped that at all.

Yesterday some of the anxiety was alleviated when I went to the post office and mailed my three resupply boxes.  All three will get to their destinations before I even leave Omaha.  One less worry.  I spent the rest of the day not thinking about the AT at all or at least not very much.

I only have a couple things to do before I go.  I need to make a shuttle reservation to take me from my hotel to the trailhead.  The other is to put together a list of stuff I need in my carry on so I don't forget something important.

My next worry is getting to my starting point in Gorham, NH.  I'm flying to Boston with a two hour layover in Chicago.  I am scheduled to arrive in Boston a little more than two hours before the bus taking me to Gorham leaves from the airport.  In the past, two hour cushions have been enough but ... all the news about flight cancellations and delays are bolstering the remaining anxiety I have smoldering in the background.   The only thing I can do is not to check any luggage to help me get on and off the plane and to the bus stop as quickly as possible.  Without any food and only minimal gear (most of my gear is in one of my resupply boxes) My pack will be easy to carry on.  If I miss connections, it isn't a disaster.  Being a day or two is not a disaster but it will be inconvenient.  I have to stop worrying about stuff I have no control over.

Fingers crossed everyone 🤞

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