Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #22

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #22

This weekend my anxiety level has started to go up.  Between unwanted medical numbers to finalizing my Appalachian Trail (AT) transportation (thus making it 'Real') I've been on edge. 
  • Hitchcock Butterfly.
    I took another PSA test this week in preparation for a trip to the urologist on Friday.  My PSA number went up since my last test in April.  On Friday, while I sat in the doctor's waiting room, I was told he couldn't meet with me and had to reschedule so ... I will be talking to him next week. *sigh*
  • I'd been holding off buying my AT travel and hotels until after the Doctor's appointment (just in case) but I decided to go ahead after the appointment was rescheduled.  Airline ticket from Omaha to Boston on 7 July ✔  Bus ticket from Boston Logan airport to Gorham, NH on 7 July ✔  Cheap motor inn in Gorham, NH not too far from the post office ✔  This last part was not on my original plan.  I was hoping to stay at the Rattle River Lodges & Hostel where I'd ended my 2019 AT attempt.  The hostel was right across the street from the AT and would have been very convenient.  Sadly Rattle River is permanently closed (A few weeks ago I visited their website ... on Friday the URL was unused and I could buy it if I wanted to).  I will have to hire a shuttle or Uber/Lyft to take me to the trailhead.
    Hail on our deck.
  • We had some weird weather on Tuesday.  We had a significant hail storm.  Our house only got mass quantities of pea sized hail but some places got ping pong ball sized that damaged siding and window.
  • I watched the 1/6 prime time hearings on Thursday.  It was very well organized and put together well but there was nothing there I hadn't already heard.  It was a coup attempt then and it is still a coup attempt.  Sadly I believe that those who watched already knew this and those who needed to know this didn't watch.
  • I hiked twice this week.  The first was a city walk.  The parking app said that the parking spot I was in was not available (actually all spots were unavailable) so as I walked I was all paranoid that I would get a ticket or, worse, have my car towed.  As a result I cut my walk short.  Turns out no meters were taking money so I didn't really have to worry.

    My second hike was at Hitchcock.  I was hoping to get over seven miles going up and down the hills with my pack but I pooped out near the end and cut the hike short.
    What appears to be tiny moths on coyote scat.
    For the week I hiked 13 miles (20.9 km).  Next week I have my rescheduled doctor's appointment and temperatures above 90℉ (32℃) getting in the way.  We'll see how much I can hike.
  • Last Sunday was the Poetry Out Loud finals.  Unfortunately the Wife's student didn't make the top three (tho she was in the top nine out of thousands of students who participated).  The Wife and I really didn't agree with the judging.  Judging poetry recitation can be so subjective.
  • This coming week the Wife is doing a service trip to Rosebud Indian Reservation.  She will be chaperoning students from her [former] school.  I dropped her off this morning and will be holding down the fort while she's gone.

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