Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #21

Sunday, June 05, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #21

  • I managed to hike three times this week.  I did a city hike on Monday, I returned to Hitchcock on Wednesday, and drove down to Indian Cave State Park on Friday.

    It's been a while since I've been to Indian Cave.  The last time I camped there was in 2016 after the elections (I let out a few screams into the void on that camp).  I went back to train there for my 2019 Appalachian Trail attempt in October 2018 three and a half years ago. I wore myself out going up and down the hills which made the ninety minute drive back home seem like it took forever.

    Note to self: Don't wear shorts while hiking.  It was not pleasant, when I had to go off trail to walk around a fallen tree, to walk through stinging nettles with bare calves.  I also didn't like the four ticks I found on my bare legs nor the bites that are making me itch in the middle of the night.  I always hike in long pants.  Not sure why I hiked in shorts on Friday but that won't be repeated any time soon.

    For the week I hiked 20.8 miles (33.5 km).
  • This week we contacted a healthcare broker and signed up for health, dental, and eye care for when the Wife's work coverage ends.  It was surprisingly easy.  It seems a bit expensive but it is cheaper than what we were paying through her work and we will be getting the maximum subsidy so it won't be anything we can't afford.  Our coverage will pretty much remain the same as what we currently have.  Thank you Obama.
  • We had a guy come out and check our air conditioner.  It's all ready for the summer.  That service was also more than I expected but I expect it will be worth the peace of mind.  Bring on Summer!

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