Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #9

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #9

"Looking Up"
by Tom Friedman
Hanafin Park (2015)

  • This week gave us a taste of spring like temperatures and the return of seasonal visitors.

    I saw my first Robin this week, a sure sign of the approaching season.  It was followed by the vanguard of the blackbird hoard that storms through our backyard every Spring gluttonously emptying out the bird feeders.  I guess it's fair since they are birds and those are bird feeders.
  • I managed to walk three times this week.  Two were around Omaha and Council Bluffs, the other was at Hitchcock Nature Center.  I met my weekly goal and hiked 24.3 miles (39.1 km).

    When I go to Hitchcock I carry a 25 pound (11.3 kg) pack.  To get that weight, and to insure the weight is distributed properly (high and close to the back), I use taped together concrete pavers resting on an empty bear canister and cushioned with old towels.  It rides in my car between hikes and I always wonder what people would think if they ever tried to steal the pack.  They would definitely be disappointed.
  • We had a contractor come by to give us an estimate for painting the exterior of our house.  More information to come later I expect.
  • Worked on our taxes.  Uploaded the numbers.  All I have to do is verify everything and file.  We appear to owe $75 (state and federal tax combined).  I prefer owing the government money than giving them an interest free loan, especially when it's such a small amount.
  • At the end of the week I went to see the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts.  I was originally going to see the Live Action Shorts as well but a morning hike and one movie kind of wore me out.  I may go see the Live Action Shorts next week.

    The Animated Shorts were an odd mix of G-rated kid oriented shows and R-rated stuff aimed at adults.  A warning was put up on the screen before the adult oriented shorts warning of violence, disturbing scenes, and sexual activity and paused to let people leave the theater (the first time I've seen this).  I think the theater has received complaints in the past from irate parents thinking they were taking their kids to see 'cartoons'.

    One of my favorites, "Boxballet", was a Russian submission.  I had mixed feelings about that but we need to separate the Russian artists and their corrupt government.  The strangest was the Chilean submission, "Bestia".

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