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Monday, March 07, 2022

Music: Marshall Tucker Band At The Whiskey Roadhouse

On Sunday the Wife and I went to her first concert in a long time and my second concert of the year.  We saw the Marshall Tucker Band (MTB) at the Whiskey Roadhouse (in the Horseshoe Casino) in Council Bluffs, IA.

The Marshall Tucker Band.
This was the second concert we've been to at the Roadhouse, the last time being Joan Osborne in 2008.  The venue had changed a lot in the last twelve and a half years.  Back in 2008 the venue was filled with tables and chairs.  Then the venue owners discovered that they could fit more people in, and thus sell more tickets, if they got rid of the tables and chairs.  The idea of standing the entire time was not a good one.  The venue owners should have taken the audience into account as most people in the crowded room were in their 50s-60s.  Fortunately the Wife was there to do her thing.  She started talking up the venue employee who was guarding the dozen tables reserved for the sponsors and high rollers.  Just before the band came out we asked about a table and she pointed us to a table which a sponsor had not claimed so we were comfortable during the awesome performance.

Flute Solo.
There was no warm up and MTB, currently on their fiftieth anniversary tour, came up and, after a few mike feedback issues were cleared up, gave one hell of a performance.  I'm far from being an MTB expert.  I liked some of their songs but I only had a cursory idea of their music.  Having said that, as the Wife said, those guys can play!  With songs like "Can't You See", "Heard it in a Love Song", and "Fire on the Mountain" you couldn't help returning to the 70s and 80s and getting lost in the music.

Up close with the band.
We had a great time.  A few pictures can be found here.  Our next concert is just four days away with Enter the Haggis.

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