Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #10

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #10

  • Ralston shows solidarity with Ukraine.
    This week I walked twice.  I skipped walking Monday just because.   On wednesday I did 14 miles (22.5 km), the longest I've done since November of last year.  In total I met my weekly goal and walked 22.8 miles (36.7 km).  These walks may be the last cold walks as Spring temps seem to be finally settling in.
  • This week was a bit lossy too.  I lost my left glove during my Wednesday walk.  I lost the extra key fob to the Wife's car sometime probably on Tuesday.  The rest of the week I was waiting for the third shoe to drop but I managed to keep everything else found.  I will be checking a few lost and founds next week looking for the key fob.  If I don't find it it will be $200 to replace.
  • The Wife's school's basketball teams went to the championships this week.  For the past six days the Wife rode the bus down to Lincoln to watch the teams play.  The Men's team sadly came up short on Friday as did the Women's team on Saturday. 
  • Also on Friday the Wife's student won the Poetry Out Loud state competition.  Sadly the state and national events are being done online this year again (thanks COVID) so there will be no trip to Washington D.C. for the Wife's last year of Poetry Out Loud.
  • Verified and finished our taxes.  We are going to owe a small amount.  Easy Peasy.
  • Hope you remembered to spring forward today.  If not, you are going to be off an hour all day.  (Wish they would just get rid of all these clock shenanigans.)

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