Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #8

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #8

  • Everything went well with my medical procedure last week.  Everything looked good.  Other than a non-cancerous polyp (that was removed) there were no abnormal findings.  Yay.  Barring any unexpected changes to my health my next colonoscopy should be in five years or so.
  • I walked twice this week.  It would have been three times but on Wednesday the windchill was below zero most of the day and I decided to stay inside where it was warm and watch season four of Disenchantment instead.

    A graffiti character I am
    seeing all over Omaha.
    The two walks I did do totalled around 22 miles (35.4 km) so I met my weekly goal.  This coming week I hope to get back to the three hikes a week since the temperatures are going to be springlike.

    I've been seeing more interesting graffiti and street art on my walks lately.  Or to be more accurate, I have started to notice what's always been there.  The character to the left is all over the place.  These three are on the Big Papio Trail not far from my house.  I have seen others in the Dundee, Benson, and downtown areas of the city.
  • This little guy is
    promoting Breast
    Cancer awareness
    When I'm home, and not doing chores, I've been doomscrolling on Ukrainian Twitter.  I am totally confused by Putin's rationale for invading Ukraine, totally surprised at how poorly the Russian armed forces are doing, and totally encouraged by how well the Ukrainian people are fighting the invading forces.  I'm also totally disappointed with how some so-called patriots here in the US are providing support to the Russian invasion and how reluctant our government and allies are to place really painful sanctions on Russia.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort for your principles.

    To help minimize misinformation and disinformation I'm doing most of my doomscrolling on a curated Ukrainian list on Twitter.  If you are curious, here is the link to the list.  Some of the posts are in Ukrainian or other languages beside English but the Google Translate website and app works wonders.  I especially like the app's camera mode that magically changes the language on signs.
  • Today the Wife and I joined my Mom and my favorite Uncle and Aunt for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse in Council Bluffs.  While the steaks appeared to be tough (I had the chicken) the conversation was interesting covering the Appalachian Trail, travel, war, politics, and the one topic that becomes more common as you mature, aches, pains, and general health.

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