Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #4

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #4

Yep, I changed the title of these weekly summaries once again.  I'll get it right eventually.

  • This week I added to our music plans when I bought tickets for America.  This will be the first concert the Wife and I have gone to at the Holland Center's outdoor venue.  This is in June so hope the weather cooperates.  This is America's fiftieth anniversary tour ... crazy ... I am so old.
    Adding to the fiftieth anniversary theme this week I bought us tickets to the Marshall Tucker Band.  They are also on their fiftieth anniversary tour.  The show is in early March at the Whiskey Roadhouse where we saw a free Joan Osborne concert back in 2008.  The venue is a casino bar and very intimate though there is an issue with background noise.

    Kid Rock is also coming to Omaha.  I won't be going.  A tweet I saw explains it best:
    "Middle Age Riot @middleageriot 
    Why boycott Kid Rock's music for political reasons when you can boycott it for  musical ones?"
  • I continued my walking this week doing 27.83 miles (44.79 km) over three hikes.  The middle one on Wednesday was a short one due to the wind that cut right through you.

  • Finally this was (another) week of procrastination.  I set a reminder to get an estimate for installing a new water heater (I didn't).  I set another reminder to get an exterior painting estimate (I didn't).  I also wanted to stop by the cell phone place to replace my phone which has lost nearly half of its battery capacity - probably due to over charging and overheating the phone during our vacation last June (I didn't).

    I'm hoping putting it here where everyone can see will light a fire under my butt.

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