Homer's Travels: The Week That Was #2

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Week That Was #2

  • This was the week I restarted walking.  After a nineteen day hiatus it felt good to get out.  I ended up walking twice this week.  I should have done three but on Friday weather was coming in I just didn't feel like getting caught out in the drizzle and freezing fog.  That drizzle and freezing fog did not come in as expected and I could have easily walked.  Oh well.
    My first walk - on Monday - was in Omaha.  The second one midweek was at Hitchcock Nature Center with a twenty-five pound backpack.
    All in all I walked a hair over 15 miles (24.2 km) this week.
  • While I was walking on Monday something caught my eye.  At first I thought it was a drown with flashing lights.  I pulled out my camera and took a few grainy pictures.  Turns out it was a group of mylar balloons reflecting the sunlight.
    Not a drone … just balloons.
  • On Thursday Mom and I went out for lunch in the Old Market.  We ate at Jams in a location that has changed hands a few times over the years.  It was located where the Wife and I watched the  fireworks on a unusually drizzly New Year's Eve ten years ago.
  • It did snow Friday night into Saturday morning.  We had four inches more or less and the neighbor's snowblower helped me finish both of our driveways in no time flat.
  • The last big thing this week was the return of music.
    •  I was reading a local entertainment publication and saw that the Tedeschi Trucks band was coming next week.  I caught a bit of Derek Trucks years ago (possibly pre-Homer's Travels) in Ventura, CA when he warmed up for Eric Johnson.  His wife, Susan Tedeschi, caught my ear while searching for Derek Trucks tracks.  They are coming to the Orpheum a great old theater.  I got a ticket and it should be a great start to my return to music.
    • In March the Wife and I are going to see Enter the Haggis.  We saw them in person twelve years ago and they were so fun we are gong to see them again.  Bag pipes … what's not to like?
    • On 1 April I'll be going to see Bon Jovi.  First time seeing him.
    • Three days later on 4 April it's Alice Cooper.  I had tickets for him back in March 2020 but COVID got in the way and his show was rescheduled until it was canceled.  Hopefully this time I'll have better luck.
    • Five days later on 9 April it's Santana.  I almost didn't buy a ticket but my ticket buying spree pushed me over the edge.  I've learned that the age of the performer has to be taken into account as I have missed three concerts due to the death of the artist.  I don't want this to happen again if I can help it.
So I'm slowly filling up my concert calendar for the next few months.  Hopefully summer will bring more before I head back to the Appalachian Trail and we go on our fall travels (which I will post about one of these days).

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