Homer's Travels: The Week That Was #1

Sunday, January 09, 2022

The Week That Was #1

Since I am finding it hard to write lately … well, actually, for the past couple years, I have decided to try something.  I will be putting together a weekly post of the things I've been doing so I can chronical the little things my brain considers not blog post worthy.  If I can stick to this I will have at least fifty-two posts this year which sounds like a reasonable floor to aim at.  I hope there will be more than fifty-two posts by the end of the year.  We'll have to see how it goes.

  • On New Year's eve I lost my wedding ring.  I discovered this fact while I was in the Arby's drive through.  I'd lost nearly fifteen pounds since October and my rings had gotten looser and looser as the weight came off which explained the missing ring.  This threw me into a tizzy as I retraced my steps and tore through the car.  The ring was not in the car but I did discover a travel magnet that has slipped my grasp and had hid in the back seat.
    I'd spent the afternoon taking down the Christmas Tree and the Wife urged me to go through the Christmas boxes.  I pulled all the boxes out of the storage cubby since everything had to be removed to get to the tree boxes.  The first box only had dismembered Christmas Tree limbs.  The second box also contained only dismembered limbs until I started putting the limbs back into the box.  I shoved some branches into the box and I heard a loud clink.  The ring was found.  I felt so relieved.
    A quick search on Amazon found the ToneGod Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings.  The little clear rubber springs are wound around the back of a loose ring and cut to length.  The ring size adjuster really works.  My ring no longer slips off my finger, the adjuster is not noticeable, and I hardly feel it.
  • New Year's Eve ended early for us.  I turned off my light at 10:40PM.
  • We had snow on Saturday night.  The snow was not very impressive.  Maybe an inch or two at most but it was cold.  On Sunday morning I went out to shovel in -5℉ (-20℃) weather.  There was no wind which was good since it had been very windy when the snow was coming down and windchills had been in the double digits negative.  The cold temperatures also made the snow a light fluffy snow.  Even though I could have shoveled it I decided to use the neighbor's new snowblower.  This made it quick and painless and I was in and out of the cold lickity split.
  • Sunday afternoon the Wife and I went to see Licorice Pizza.  The movie was a cute, episodic, teenage love story.  It was too long and the part about the Japanese Restaurant owner was cringeworthy and hard to watch.  They should have removed those parts and tightened it up a bit and it would have been much better.
  • On Monday and Tuesday our new windows were installed.  We'd ordered them in March of last year and it took nine months for them to arrive thanks to COVID related backlogs.  The windows look great but especially the picture window in our living room.  The original window was divided into three equal vertical panels. For the new window we narrowed the panels on either side down to around six inches leaving a large panel in the middle.  With curtains the narrow side windows will be covered and it will look like one huge window.  The Wife and I both said "wow" when we first saw it.
  • While they were working on the windows I was down in the she-shed watching stuff on TV when everything dies.  I discovered our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) was in fact interruptible.  I think this UPS was brought with us when we moved from California (or maybe purchased soon after we'd moved) so was at least ten years old and maybe older.  It was time for a new one.  Amazon came through again delivering one at our door the next day.
  • I visited mom during a shorter mid-week cold snap.  She needs to get out more, and she knows it, but otherwise seems to be doing well.  We will be going out to lunch this coming week.
  • Today is Gv's birthday.  Happy birthday Gv.  I wonder what you would thought about all that's going on in the world today.  I know you didn't suffer fools well.
This coming week I'll be restarting my walking.  I haven't walked since before Christmas.  Time to restart in earnest.  I kind of miss the outdoors.

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