Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #5

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #5

  • I did my three hikes this week which, frankly, was better than I expected to do.  I did 23.63 miles (38 km) which was in my desired range of >20 miles.

    The first hike at the beginning of the week took me through a few places I hadn't been to for a while where I came across some cool street art including a mural by Dany Reyes.  I also came across more pieces of Watie White's '100 People' art project.  The digitally enlarged black and white woodcut prints can be found all over the Omaha.

A portion of a mural by
Dany Reyes
Another of the '100 People' by
Watie White

My mid-week hike was at Hitchcock Nature Center.  I'd hoped the warm weather we've been having would have melted the snow and the temperatures in the teens the day of the hike would have frozen all of the resulting mud.  What I didn't expect were all the patches of ice mixed in with the frozen mud.  The ice made portions of the trail, especially the downhill grades, a bit treacherous.  I did fall down on one particularly steep downhill but it was a slow motion fall which resulted in me sliding three or four feet down the trail.  I've hiked Hitchcock when the trails were muddy and I'm not sure which is worse.  The muddy hills are as slick as ice but I have to say that snow and ice results in less dirty falls.  I shortened this hike to just over three miles due to the icy trail conditions.

  • I visited Mom on Thursday.  We were thinking about going out for lunch but it was a bit too cold that day.  I left Mom's place with a pile of stuff from our time in Guatemala.  She has been shedding stuff for the last month and all the stuff is so cool and full of memories I can't say no when she offers it to me.

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