Homer's Travels: The Start Of Something Wonderful

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Start Of Something Wonderful

Yesterday the President signed an executive order banning entry to refugees and other legal immigrants from seven nations in Africa and the Middle East.   There was a protest at Turner Park in the Mid-Town Crossings area of Omaha.

The Wife and a friend joined the crowd of roughly a thousand peaceful protesters.  I would have joined as well but I am still recovering from my surgery and I definitely was not up to the challenge.  I am sure there will be other opportunities to join the righteous cause and protest the crazy sh!t our elected government is trying to get past us.

It's nice to see the return of peaceful protests.  I expected to see a few during the Iraq war but was disappointed when they didn't materialize.  I guess it took a narcissistic reality star with delusions of White grandeur to bring out the protest in people.  All we need now are some awesome twenty-first century anti-establishment folk music to sing at the rallies.

Nice crowd at Turner Park this afternoon.
Note: The photographs in this post were taken by the Wife.


  1. Is Sherri in this picture? A friend of John's recognized her from the paper.

    1. Saw her and name on 2nd page of the world herald.

    2. She took the pictures in the post so she isn't in them. She was in the paper.