Homer's Travels: A Few Kinks To Get Worked Out

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Few Kinks To Get Worked Out

The theme this week is health I guess.

So I'm wearing a brace on my wrist.  I seem to have had tennis elbow ... for the last six months.  I'm getting a bit tired of it so I went to an orthopedist and on went the brace.   I also have a tennis elbow band to wear when I'm doing anything physical that may irritate the problem.  I hope this works since I'd hate to have a sore forearm for the six months I'll be on the trail.  What an inconvenience!

Talking about inconveniences, I've been fighting ... issues ... for several years now and I'm finally going to get it taken care of.  On Thursday I'm having minor elective surgery.  I'm sure that after the surgery and a little recovery time I'll be kicking myself for not getting it done years before.

That is often my problem.  I suffer through stuff for way too long before I get it taken care of.  I can be such a procrastinator sometimes.

Now, it looks like it's getting close to time to irritate the elbow some more and shovel the snow that accumulating outside.  Yeah Snow!!!

Seriously ... I really like snow.

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