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Friday, January 06, 2017

Graffiti ... Some Translation Required

I saw this piece of street literature a few days ago.  Still haven't figured out what it means.

Some translation required.
My guess is this can be divided into three parts:
  1. "SLIM 16" - I presume that this is a tag or name.  When I google it all I get is mentions of boy's pant sizes.
  2. "HEART OF STEEL" - This could be several things but I think it may be the name of a song. One possibility is Galactic - "Heart of Steel" feat. Irma Thomas which happens to be an awesome song.  Another possibility is Manowar - "Heart of Steel" which I can't say I'm fond of but it kind of fits the times we live in.  Both of these songs are several years old so it would be strange to pop up in newer graffiti.
  3. "IN THIS FAKE AZZ SWERVE TOWN" - Swerve appears to be slang meaning to dodge someone or something (as in avoid them or it).  Not sure who or what this town is dodging.
So what do you think?  Does it mean something or is it a bunch of random rambling? I imagine it means something to someone.  Leave you idea in the comments, Facebook comments, or as a Twitter reply.

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