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Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Got That Minimalist Feeling

The closet in our den/computer room was a mess.  I've been thinking about cleaning it out for a while.  I always seem to get the itch to organize this time of year (for example).  The kick in the pants this year I got was when I was riding the trainer in the basement.

When I ride the trainer I watch Netflix.  This ride was powered by a documentary call "Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things".  The movie talks about simplifying your life by getting rid of junk you don't use or need.  The philosophy fits right in with my hiking/camping philosophy: carry only what is needed not what you think you will need.  So, while I waited for the ice storm to kick in I spent four or five hours pulling everything out of the den closet.

I ended up tossing a crap-ton of CDs, DVDs, and, gasp, floppy disks into the recycle bin along with tons of paper, old magazines, AAA travel books and maps, and just about every type of cable known to man.  It's amazing how empty the closet is now.  Nothing I threw away will be missed since I'm pretty sure some of the things I tossed had not been touched in over five years.

Tomorrow the ice storm starts in earnest.  Going out is pretty much out of the question so, until the electricity goes out, I think I will start tackling the tornado room (a room that is combination workroom, camping/hiking equipment storage room, and room to hide in from unwelcome tornadoes).  Not sure when ...if ... I will tackle the furnace/storage room.   We'll have to see the next time the weather turns bad.

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