Homer's Travels: Appalachian Trail Preparation Update ... Or Is It A Mental Health Update?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Appalachian Trail Preparation Update ... Or Is It A Mental Health Update?


Boy, do I have doubts.  Every now and then, over the past few months, I have wondered just what the heck am I doing?  I can't really say that I've been preparing.

Due to the vacation, the family issues, the hot and humid summer weather, and the bug I've been fighting for the past week or two, I have hardly gone out on a bike ride or on a walk.  Since the end of May I've walked only twice and biked only three times - not much of a training regime.

I am doing stuff to prepare but I am doing it in fits and starts.  I seem to be having problems concentrating on what I need to do and what I need to get done by the start of next year.  Part of me is in denial I think.  I'm at that anxiety stage I always get before doing something big - like scuba and both Caminos.  I know I will get over it once I'm flying to Georgia and starting on the Appalachian Trail (AT).

Then there are the bouts of guilt.  Hiking the AT is a selfish thing for me to do.  While I'm out proving to myself that I am capable walking over two thousand miles, the Wife will be back home alone.  The Wife is being very supportive but she has acknowledged that she is not keen on being alone for six months.  Do I even have the right to ask this of her?  AAAHHH!

Despite all my angst and doubt I am continuing to prepare.  I seam sealed my new tent.  I bought a groundsheet for the tent and a bear bag for my food.  I've received a new backpack that is lighter than my Osprey by about a pound.  I purchased the latest copy (2016) of the A.T. Guide - I will be going over my planned itinerary with the new book to verify the planning work I did last year.  I still have a lot more to plan and prepare for.

I will get over this hump.  I will regain my focus.  I will prepare myself for the AT.  I will keep telling myself this until it's true.

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  1. Oh, Shuffle Monkey, do you need a haiku to perk you up?

    They say these boots r made
    For walking. I say

    Here's another:
    Don't overthink
    That which You
    Are destined to do

    Wow that was freaking deep.