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Monday, August 01, 2016

A Time To Rally

This election is going to be an important one.  My thoughts on who will win in November keeps swinging back and forth ... a sure sign I am watching too much news I think.  I am watching too much news but with the candidates we have to choose from you can not watch enough in my opinion.

A presidential campaign came through Omaha this afternoon..  The Wife and I have never gone to a rally for a presidential candidate before so we RSVPed and we headed to the North Omaha Magnet School.

We arrived there about an hour and forty-five minutes before the door was to open and the line was already tremendous.  An RSVP is not a guaranteed entry into the event and only five hundred would actually be in the gymnasium with the candidate, the rest being in overflow rooms with video and audio feeds.

When we saw the line we decided it wasn't worth it and we drove back home.  On the way out you could tell the closest available parking was nearly a mile away on a very hot day.  We watched the rally on television in the air conditioned comfort of our home.  Not quite the same as being there - I'd hoped to get some good pictures to post - but it was the best we could do.

I've added a couple of apps in the blog sidebar.  One shows how many days until the election.  The other shows the projected number of electoral votes ("EV") as well and the projected number of senate seats for each party.  I've put up apps like this before.  I am putting them up again this election, earlier than normal, because I hope it reminds people to vote and to, hopefully, calm down my more pessimistic thoughts.

The storm is coming ... only responsible Americans can stop it.

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