Homer's Travels: Music: Journey With Doobie Brothers and Special Guest Dave Mason

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Music: Journey With Doobie Brothers and Special Guest Dave Mason

On Saturday night we went to a concert at the Centurylink Center.  The headliner was Journey who I've seen in concert two times before - both times in the early 1980s.

The tickets said that the show started at 7:00PM but did not have a doors-open-at time.  I assumed 7:00PM was the door open time so it was a surprise when we got there at 6:40PM that the doors were open and the line through security was already huge.

It took us an hour to get through the security line and get to our seats.  We got there just in time to hear Dave Mason say "Thank you, Omaha!" and the lights in the arena go up.  Therefore, I have no review for Dave Mason.

I was surprised again when the transition from the opening act to the Doobie Brothers took less than fifteen minutes.  A pleasant surprise.  The Doobie Brothers gave us a pretty good set.  I'm not a huge fan but I do like some of their music so I enjoyed them.

After the Doobie Brothers left the stage, Journey came on stage after a short twenty-five minute transition.  The roadies were really on their A game tonight.  The lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry, hasn't toured with Journey for quite a while.  A young filipino named Arnel Pineda joined the band in 2007 as lead singer.  I have to admit he was pretty good.  Having said this, I was a bit biased against him.  The other two times I saw Journey it was with Steve Perry.  Arnel wasn't Steve.  He was close but I would still describe it as good karaoke.

My perspective was also skewed by the fact that I was exhausted.  I'd done my first two certification dives that morning and the two hour nap I took wasn't quite enough to recuperate.  It started hitting me right when Journey came on stage.

I still had a good time.  Not the best time but it was in the top half of my concert going experiences.

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