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Friday, July 29, 2016

Going Home

A couple things have or are going home.  First, Cooper, the Wife's Niece's fur-baby went home after spending the week with us.  I'm sure Cooper is happy to get home since he was not feeling well this week battling a lack of appetite, nausea (and the resulting vomit), constipation, and diarrhea.  Poor guy.  He's feeling much better now that his mommy has picked him up ... and after two visits to the veterinarian.

Tomorrow Snuggle Bear will be going home.  We're heading to Minnesota to reunite him with his very special five year old girl.  You've seen the pictures of Snuggle Bear in South America.  Here is a picture of Snuggle Bear and his favorite five year old ... drawn by said five year old.

"Snuggle Bear" - Picture drawn by a very special five year old girl.
I suspect she will be very happy to see Snuggle Bear ... and Snuggle Bear will be very happy to see her.

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