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Friday, April 22, 2016

This Always Seems To Happen

Before most of our trips, Cuba included, my anticipation is slow to build.  I don't get excited until I'm about to leave.  For our next trip, only a month and a half away, my feelings have flip flopped.  I started thinking it would be a ho hum trip but, now I am getting more and more excited.  I'm ready to go right now!  My anticipation is only tempered by the possibilities of disruption.

The last couple of trips have had one issue or another right before we left.  Before our China trip it was a change in the Chinese government policy concerning Tibet.  The result was the addition of Bhutan to our itinerary only a few weeks before we left.  Our Africa trip was almost changed by an act or terrorism in Kenya.  We were contacted by our tour operator and asked if what had happened would change how we thought about the trip.  It didn't and, in the end, the tour went as originally planned.

So ... what's up with our South American trip?  Let's see.  A Nebraska couple died of smoke inhalation on an Amazon river cruise similar to ours.  The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies voted to impeach the President.  The impeachment order is now going before the Brazilian Senate.  A portion of a bike path that was built in Rio as part of the Olympic infrastructure collapsed killing two.  These are nothing compared to the 7.8 earthquake last weekend in Ecuador.  Oh ... and there is Zica.

So far there are no changes to our itinerary.  Let's hope that stays that way because, darn it, I'm excited!

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