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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Solar Powers ... Activate!

I think it's been mentioned a few times but I will say it again.  I am solar powered.  Today was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 80's (>26°C), clear skies, and a stiff wind blowing.  I could feel my mood going up most of the day.  This a is a good thing as my mood has been a tad gloomy for the past month or so.

The sun started making it's appearance on Saturday.  I mowed the lawn for the first time this year and did some tree trimming I'd been thinking about for some six months.  I wasn't outtside very long but it felt refreshing.

I took advantage of the even better Sunday weather and took my bike off the stand and went for my first ride in the real world since the end of RAGBRAI.  Back then I said the bike would never come out of the basement.  I guess I spoke too soon and a bit too rashly.  I still am not a fan of bike riding but it has been good for my health and I hope to start riding again.  The wind kept my first ride of the year short (10.8 miles, 17.4 km) but it felt good.  My plan now is to work my way up to sixty or sixty-five miles over the next six months.  Hopefully I will ride two to three times a week to help build up my stamina.  We'll see how this plan does.

Speaking of exercise, my second scuba class went pretty well.  In my last post I said that I swallowed half the pool water due mostly to snorkel issues.  On Wednesday I adjusted where the snorkel was attached (it attaches to the left side of the mask strap - I moved it farther forward on the strap).  The new position allowed the mouthpiece to sit better in my mouth preventing the little stream of pool water that dribbled into my mouth during my first class.  We continued doing basic drills in the pool.  Things like clearing water from your mask and recovering your regulator after it comes out of your mouth.  So far everything has been pretty simple.  My main issue is, when the regulator is out of your mouth, you should keep blowing bubbles to help balance the pressure in your lungs.  I keep forgetting.  Despite this, the instructor said I was doing pretty good.  Yay for me.

The low point of the last week was Friday.  It was overcast, dreary, and a little drizzly.  I'd planned to go for a walk.  I'd even mapped out my route.  When Friday morning came I just couldn't get myself out of the house.  I dusted and vacuumed the house instead.

So the last week was a bit mixed when it comes to exercise and mood but there was more good than bad so I'm optimistic.  Spring feels early this year ... not a moment too soon if you ask me.  The great weather is not forecast to last into the week but this solar charge should last me for a few days at least.

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